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Anna Polyviou Boom Boom Kaboom – What A Cracker!

Stephen here, Julies’ husband giving you the run down on tonights Master Chef.

What a cracking challenge!

The sacred 24th apron up for Grabs.

The desert from one of the greatest desert Chef’s world wide Anna Polyviou created a firecracker with the theatre of the kaboom, boom and the bang. A 70’s pop art inspired transfer on the cover with chocolate with over 10 different elements inside the firecracker.

Arum taught us that a watch kettle never boils but milk and glucose separates when you don’t watch it – bugger! bugger! again 3rd time lucky

Christina who went through the highs and lows of the challenge with the Cocoa powder vs cocoa butter – now that’s a powder keg of a boo boo. The double acetate transfer was her undoing.

Brandon had done an exceptional job albeit the texture of the mousse.

It came down to Arum and Emily. The comment for Emily’s desert was, “Boom, Wow, Bang” the textures were fantastic.

Arum took the 24th apron with a near perfect desert in 3 1/2 hours.

Here’s the recipe

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