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Master Chef 2017: Dumpling vs Lamb Showdown

Tamara won the cook off with the Mac and Cheese against the boys.

Tamara had one out of 4 choices of making a herb the star of the dish. From the song Rosemary and thyme. That’s right the star of the herbs, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

Firstly this needs to be be addressed, Shannon had white shoes on tonight not the cool fly net red ones that from a distance look like crocs but where really cool nikes.

Tamara on her way to making a dish she is very good at – dumplings with a rosemary and roast chicken broth. Shannon advised to work on the broth first to get more flavour but Tamara wanted to get the dough right for the dumplings or there is no dish – good move – who will know.

15 minutes later Clinton started as cool as Tom Cruise on Top Gun.
Explaining a part of his dish with an orange pit puree, picked mushroom, rosemary ash with lamb.

With so many elements to put on the plate with true experienced chef style he gets everything on the dish. 5 minutes to go and Clinton is so relaxed.

Shannon advised Tamara to make a crunchy piece from the wantons – great idea with two crunchy elements and a broth.

Scoring is so close and Tamara missed out by one point. She can hold her head up high with a fantastic dish.

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Master Chef 2017: Pass the recipe on mr DJ

The classic relay dish is back. Where the first person has 15 minutes to create a dish the highlights maple syrup. Now Canadian bacon and maple syrup comes to mind as well as a 3:00am stack at the pancake manor….mmmm…ok back to the story

The 22 left are split up into 4 teams – Red, Green, Yellow and the Blue team. The first group are chosen. Benita, Tamara, Benjamin and Diana.

Two points for Ben’s start on ice-cream. Unlike Trent who put the jelly in the fridge.
45 second changeover the baton – practicing for the commonwealth games. Ben comes second for the green team, Trent for the red, Elouise for the yellow and Sarah for the blue.

They put up their hand on who wants to go next – they get chosen who is next and are given the apron just before they run in.

Next set 45 seconds  Sam hits the red team, Nicole green team,  Bryan on yellow and Michelle for the blue.

Bryan came in an added a pickled apple. Michelle could be steaming the a buns that will stick to the steamer.

Next changeover
Callan is red, Aurum now green, Eliza jumps into yellow and Karlie is blue.

Poor Karlie – buns are doughy and wet, coleslaw is wet – decides to make the classic Asian pancake – will she get the time. Gets the team back on track.

Next change over
Ray does red, Jeff goes for green,  Sam in yellow and Jess is on the blue team.

Ray wonders what plate to use – seriously get the stuff on the plate and he forgot the jelly.

Green team chili mud crab not so mapley – in the elimination round.

Green team that are going to elimination.

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Master Chef 2017: First immunity challenge and welcome back Shannon

First immunity challenge of 2017 an all girl power event. Now the immunity challenge wouldn’t be the same without Shannon Bennet helping the team – he’s back to assist them 23 in every immunity challenge.

The girls have 32 minute to make a nutritious savoury for a family for 4.

Choose ingredients from the pantry but you can’t go back to the pantry.

Game on very little time.

Eliza will she have enough time to cook the a whole rack of lamb. Everyone said do you have enough time – well it turns out that everyone was right – its not cooked.

Sarah needs to balance her sauce and Karla forgot the sugar, rice and other ingredients and cant go back and must adapt with what she has. (Lucky she grabbed spring onions.)

Unfortunately Eliza one of her lambs were still going baaahhh. Sarah where’s the rice?

Sarah wins the immunity challenge by a large distance. Now up against Jarrod Di Blasi.

75min vs 60 min

Ingredients from the chefs homes and Sarah chose Gary’s fridge – very Asian inspired.

Jarrod decides to do a a whiting sashimi with an avocado puree. As many have said, “Nice fish sashimi about the menu.”

Has Jarrod taken an easy way out to his demise, I mean seriously world class chef doing whiting sashimi with an avocado sauce. Shannon strongly suggests to him that it’s not enough. He’ll need to rethink his menu.

He comes back with pickled onions and gherkins for base, crisp kale and a plate that looked spectacular.

Sarah created an XO steak with picked mushroom and it looked great, question over the mashed potato but her first potato idea was burnt. Total score of 23.

Jarrod with 27 took out the immunity challenge. Sarah can be proud of a great dish and this is just the first one.

More Master Chef to come – can’t wait!

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Master Chef 2017: Keep up with the Leader Aka Gary Mehigan

It’s time for Lee, Pete and Ray to take on the challenge. A big challenge it is with no recipe, no tasting, no working at your own pace but you’ll need to be fast and furious

Roast chicken , peas and potato – sounds easy.

Pot of water on the boil. Nice brown look on the top, cook the bones, chop the shallots, carrot, garlic in a bowl and cook.

Peas, spinach and a pinch of salt, puree.

Lee is too slow and Ray is behind it’s going to be close for the elimination.

Doesn’t look that hard sitting in my pajamas and saying come on mate hurry up.
Ray falling behind and burning the set down – just jokes. I know he’s a doctor but instead of walking with a flaming saucepan you can just put a lid on it. My wife says that if you like it you should have put lid on it.
Lee has pink chicken on the inside and needs to flip it.

Plating up time
Two pieces of chicken one fondant potato, pea base and pea custard. It’s looking close, Due to an earlier error of 150ml of cream instead of 50ml of cream Ray’s custard never set- now that’s a dosage error. Luckily no-one who’s lactose intolerant will be tasting it tonight. Unless someone else has a major mistake then I think he’s going home.

Pete has lifted himself (with a crane) from the doldrums to create a really great dish.
Ray with a separated cream and over cream custard.
Lee then served up under-cooked chicken at it’s all over. Lee good luck for the future!

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Master Chef 2017: Home Cooking Week

It’s home cooking week with the lock up of the Sous Vida machines, the blast chillers, the ice-cream makers, yoghurt makers are all gone.

In everyone’s mystery box the judges have chosen three ingredients each. Here is the list:

Red chillies
Green beans
Olive oil
Yoghurt style cream

The funny thing is, if I have these ingredients in the fridge I’m high fiving myself for having enough ingredients to get dinner ready.

The rules are 75 minutes using at least one of the ingredients and you have the use of staples. They are only tasting the 5 most appealing dishes with the winner getting the advantage for the invention test.

Prawns with a spicy salsa and vinaigrette

Ricotta doughnuts with a pineapple syrup.

Grilled prawns with Parmesan tuile and cream and anchovies sauce.

Roasted pineapple dish

Eliose cooked a Pineapple Tarte Tatin with Pumpkin Chilli Caramel and Toasty Bits.

5 great dishes. The choice was hard.

Callan was way out of his league, one thing about Master Chef if you are just great at molecular gastronomy it’s going to get harder for him as the weeks go on.

Eloise cam out on top!
The three ingredients were from George’s Mums pantry.
Fennel, mussels or Ceder Street haloumi made from buffalo – and she chose the haloumi.

Garden and pantry are in play.

Top 3 go into the first immunity challenge and the bottom three in tomorrows pressure test.

Pete was creating a Heston inspired lamb dish and apricot gel instead of a lime gel with Dukka – hey can can make this gel with out Agar Agar. It looked pretty awesome – plug product here LOL.

Top 3

Bottom 3

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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MasterChef Australia 2017: The First Night

Wow, 24 aprons, molecular gastronomy and genius flavour pairings everywhere – it’s going to be a great season!

You’ll see our products (and even my ugly mug) pop up everywhere in this season, it’s my very own version of where’s wally 🙂

Last night we had caviars, spheres and foams – so easy to do and so impressive. Check out our kits for the tools, ingredients and instructions to make them.

For last night’s recipes, check this link out:

Watch tonight’s episode with me! I’ll be on twitter and facebook having my 2 cents worth.

Happy bubble making!