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Master Chef 2017: Dumpling vs Lamb Showdown

Tamara won the cook off with the Mac and Cheese against the boys.

Tamara had one out of 4 choices of making a herb the star of the dish. From the song Rosemary and thyme. That’s right the star of the herbs, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

Firstly this needs to be be addressed, Shannon had white shoes on tonight not the cool fly net red ones that from a distance look like crocs but where really cool nikes.

Tamara on her way to making a dish she is very good at – dumplings with a rosemary and roast chicken broth. Shannon advised to work on the broth first to get more flavour but Tamara wanted to get the dough right for the dumplings or there is no dish – good move – who will know.

15 minutes later Clinton started as cool as Tom Cruise on Top Gun.
Explaining a part of his dish with an orange pit puree, picked mushroom, rosemary ash with lamb.

With so many elements to put on the plate with true experienced chef style he gets everything on the dish. 5 minutes to go and Clinton is so relaxed.

Shannon advised Tamara to make a crunchy piece from the wantons – great idea with two crunchy elements and a broth.

Scoring is so close and Tamara missed out by one point. She can hold her head up high with a fantastic dish.

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Master Chef 2017: Elimination of someone and time

Another elimination. Here we go!

Each start with 90 minutes to spend after you shop you the left over time to cook with

Three tables:
20 minute ingredients
10 minute ingredients
5 minutes

A normal pantry of staples without cream but yoghurt instead.

Nicole and Arum off first with the most time.

Peter off next.

Ben off with 55 minutes.

Benita – 45 minutes.

Unfortunately Benita was eliminated.

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Master Chef 2017: Pass the recipe on mr DJ

The classic relay dish is back. Where the first person has 15 minutes to create a dish the highlights maple syrup. Now Canadian bacon and maple syrup comes to mind as well as a 3:00am stack at the pancake manor….mmmm…ok back to the story

The 22 left are split up into 4 teams – Red, Green, Yellow and the Blue team. The first group are chosen. Benita, Tamara, Benjamin and Diana.

Two points for Ben’s start on ice-cream. Unlike Trent who put the jelly in the fridge.
45 second changeover the baton – practicing for the commonwealth games. Ben comes second for the green team, Trent for the red, Elouise for the yellow and Sarah for the blue.

They put up their hand on who wants to go next – they get chosen who is next and are given the apron just before they run in.

Next set 45 seconds  Sam hits the red team, Nicole green team,  Bryan on yellow and Michelle for the blue.

Bryan came in an added a pickled apple. Michelle could be steaming the a buns that will stick to the steamer.

Next changeover
Callan is red, Aurum now green, Eliza jumps into yellow and Karlie is blue.

Poor Karlie – buns are doughy and wet, coleslaw is wet – decides to make the classic Asian pancake – will she get the time. Gets the team back on track.

Next change over
Ray does red, Jeff goes for green,  Sam in yellow and Jess is on the blue team.

Ray wonders what plate to use – seriously get the stuff on the plate and he forgot the jelly.

Green team chili mud crab not so mapley – in the elimination round.

Green team that are going to elimination.

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Master Chef 2017: Andy Bowdy stacks an all mighty cake called Rita

Andy Bowdy the cake wizard names his cakes after special people in his life. Let me tell you his Grandmother must be a special lady with the sky scrapper of a cake he created. I can’t even tell you the amount of layers and ingredients as it was so fast. Looks like 8 – 9 layers with all different ingredients. The complexity in the cake masterpiece giving the elimination round with Pia, Pete and Ray a 4 and 1/2 hour window.

Some advice from Andy, don’t mess with the Bavaroise (prounced Babwa). Now don’t get this word wrong as a “Babwa” – Slang term used to communicate with an inferior primate. While  Bavaroise is French for Bavarian Cream. Don’t under cook it won’t hold in your cake, don’t over cook it as it will be too hard.

Don’t stuff up the meringue, too soft it will be look a soup. Too hard and the meringue in shapes will just break.

I can’t tell you if Pete has sugary nuts but if you don’t watch your nuts their going to get burnt.

Pia – gets a fast pass on the custard and using the mixer – could be a bad mistake. The chefs say you’ve made it before nothing different.

Ray seems to be in the A&I in the hospital just calm and moving through the cake pieces and in control.

Pia slightly behind, meringue was a bit deflated. Second batch coming up and looking great. Pia’s custard is starting to set and it doesn’t look as airy as the others.

Peter even with over cooked nuts seems to be on track.

Coming down to dressing the cake – great job. Pete’s cake was great, it turns out that Andy may try burnt nuts in a future version – LOL.

Ray next up – looks great with a slight bulge in the bottom of the cake.

Pia worried abut her passion fruit Bavaroise – as you would be!

Pete safe, and unfortunately Pia is going home.

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Top 24 with the first mystery box

Second guest of Master Chef 2017 was none other than Elena Duggan last year winner of Master Chef.
Elena has come up with the ingredients for the first mystery box for the Master Chef 2017. The 1st challenge for the Master Chef ’24’.

She decided on a few elements that she loved like chocolate to other products that she was challenged with through last season, here are the ingredients:

Blue swimmer crab
Kaiser flesh
Lemon mrtyle
Macadamia nuts
goats cheese

Watching from the sidelines we saw Benita having to change from a basic bisque to a totally new recipe. There is nothing like having to be adaptable in Master Chef.

Rashedul dropped his other half of his plate up dish beside his ice-cream it’s not looking good (he’s going to sudden death)

Brian was first up with a cheese board with lemon mrtyle and cucumber ice-cream and the rest holy crap. Over 7 elements – setting the bar.

Next Pia with a ravioli with goats cheese and lemon mrytle. Followed by Tamara, Arum, Karlie and Samuel. Fast forwarding for the time slot.

Benjamin creates a crab fettuccine and over cooked the pasta. Sorry your off to sudden death.

Benita – needed more time for presentation, presentation, presentation. Needed to have a more challenging dish – off to sudden death.

Eliza – beautiful dish with a perfect chocolate fondant, smooth texture and crunch – nailed the ice-cream well done!

Get ready for another writing speed up of contestants: Jesse – in, Michelle in, Peter delicious, Nicole loving it.

Then Lee brought in a crab salad, bisque, mousse, too mushy needed to edit his choices.

Sam created a cheese, wine and chocolate dish -really clever cooking your safe! It sounds like they are running for bases in baseball – your safe on home plate, except the plate is food and your running for 75 minutes.

We get to the 18 year old Callan with what can only be described as a gnarly – street fighting dish, desert or savoury crazy wonderful dish.

Here is the good news: Sam special mention, Pia one to watch, Callan love the way you think about food suprising and delicious and Brian’s complex and uber tasting desert.

Then we get to elimination with a mystery ingredient behind the first ingredient they chose:
Rashedul mango and green peppercorns
Benita peaches and early grey
Benjamin walnuts and dates
Lee salmon and aniseed

Full pantry
75 minutes your time starts now.

It was pretty cool to watch Benjamin role some dough into a big circle passed down from his family. Not the greatest cooking we have seen. Out of Rashedul and Benita, Rashedul was the first contestant to be eliminated from Master Chef. It’s humbling to know that systematically we sill see another 22 be eliminated – Can’t wait!!!