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Top 24 with the first mystery box

Second guest of Master Chef 2017 was none other than Elena Duggan last year winner of Master Chef.
Elena has come up with the ingredients for the first mystery box for the Master Chef 2017. The 1st challenge for the Master Chef ’24’.

She decided on a few elements that she loved like chocolate to other products that she was challenged with through last season, here are the ingredients:

Blue swimmer crab
Kaiser flesh
Lemon mrtyle
Macadamia nuts
goats cheese

Watching from the sidelines we saw Benita having to change from a basic bisque to a totally new recipe. There is nothing like having to be adaptable in Master Chef.

Rashedul dropped his other half of his plate up dish beside his ice-cream it’s not looking good (he’s going to sudden death)

Brian was first up with a cheese board with lemon mrtyle and cucumber ice-cream and the rest holy crap. Over 7 elements – setting the bar.

Next Pia with a ravioli with goats cheese and lemon mrytle. Followed by Tamara, Arum, Karlie and Samuel. Fast forwarding for the time slot.

Benjamin creates a crab fettuccine and over cooked the pasta. Sorry your off to sudden death.

Benita – needed more time for presentation, presentation, presentation. Needed to have a more challenging dish – off to sudden death.

Eliza – beautiful dish with a perfect chocolate fondant, smooth texture and crunch – nailed the ice-cream well done!

Get ready for another writing speed up of contestants: Jesse – in, Michelle in, Peter delicious, Nicole loving it.

Then Lee brought in a crab salad, bisque, mousse, too mushy needed to edit his choices.

Sam created a cheese, wine and chocolate dish -really clever cooking your safe! It sounds like they are running for bases in baseball – your safe on home plate, except the plate is food and your running for 75 minutes.

We get to the 18 year old Callan with what can only be described as a gnarly – street fighting dish, desert or savoury crazy wonderful dish.

Here is the good news: Sam special mention, Pia one to watch, Callan love the way you think about food suprising and delicious and Brian’s complex and uber tasting desert.

Then we get to elimination with a mystery ingredient behind the first ingredient they chose:
Rashedul mango and green peppercorns
Benita peaches and early grey
Benjamin walnuts and dates
Lee salmon and aniseed

Full pantry
75 minutes your time starts now.

It was pretty cool to watch Benjamin role some dough into a big circle passed down from his family. Not the greatest cooking we have seen. Out of Rashedul and Benita, Rashedul was the first contestant to be eliminated from Master Chef. It’s humbling to know that systematically we sill see another 22 be eliminated – Can’t wait!!!

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Anna Polyviou Boom Boom Kaboom – What A Cracker!

Stephen here, Julies’ husband giving you the run down on tonights Master Chef.

What a cracking challenge!

The sacred 24th apron up for Grabs.

The desert from one of the greatest desert Chef’s world wide Anna Polyviou created a firecracker with the theatre of the kaboom, boom and the bang. A 70’s pop art inspired transfer on the cover with chocolate with over 10 different elements inside the firecracker.

Arum taught us that a watch kettle never boils but milk and glucose separates when you don’t watch it – bugger! bugger! again 3rd time lucky

Christina who went through the highs and lows of the challenge with the Cocoa powder vs cocoa butter – now that’s a powder keg of a boo boo. The double acetate transfer was her undoing.

Brandon had done an exceptional job albeit the texture of the mousse.

It came down to Arum and Emily. The comment for Emily’s desert was, “Boom, Wow, Bang” the textures were fantastic.

Arum took the 24th apron with a near perfect desert in 3 1/2 hours.

Here’s the recipe

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