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Master Chef 2017: First immunity challenge and welcome back Shannon

First immunity challenge of 2017 an all girl power event. Now the immunity challenge wouldn’t be the same without Shannon Bennet helping the team – he’s back to assist them 23 in every immunity challenge.

The girls have 32 minute to make a nutritious savoury for a family for 4.

Choose ingredients from the pantry but you can’t go back to the pantry.

Game on very little time.

Eliza will she have enough time to cook the a whole rack of lamb. Everyone said do you have enough time – well it turns out that everyone was right – its not cooked.

Sarah needs to balance her sauce and Karla forgot the sugar, rice and other ingredients and cant go back and must adapt with what she has. (Lucky she grabbed spring onions.)

Unfortunately Eliza one of her lambs were still going baaahhh. Sarah where’s the rice?

Sarah wins the immunity challenge by a large distance. Now up against Jarrod Di Blasi.

75min vs 60 min

Ingredients from the chefs homes and Sarah chose Gary’s fridge – very Asian inspired.

Jarrod decides to do a a whiting sashimi with an avocado puree. As many have said, “Nice fish sashimi about the menu.”

Has Jarrod taken an easy way out to his demise, I mean seriously world class chef doing whiting sashimi with an avocado sauce. Shannon strongly suggests to him that it’s not enough. He’ll need to rethink his menu.

He comes back with pickled onions and gherkins for base, crisp kale and a plate that looked spectacular.

Sarah created an XO steak with picked mushroom and it looked great, question over the mashed potato but her first potato idea was burnt. Total score of 23.

Jarrod with 27 took out the immunity challenge. Sarah can be proud of a great dish and this is just the first one.

More Master Chef to come – can’t wait!