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What is Soy Lecithin?

Soy lecithin consists of three types of phospholipids: phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphotidylinositol (PI). It is now predominately extracted from soybean oil and is generally used as a natural emulsifier or stabilizer in various food applications.

What does Soy Lecithin Do?

It is probably best known for its emulsifying properties, which help promote solidity in margarine and give consistent texture to dressings and other creamy products. Lecithin is also used in chocolates and coatings and to counteract spattering during frying.

It possesses emulsification properties. This means it can keep a candy bar “together” by making sure that the cocoa and the cocoa butter don’t separate. It is also used in bakery items to keep the dough from sticking and to improve its ability to rise.

Why Use Soy Lecithin in Molecular Gastronomy?

A popular application consists in converting any juice or flavored liquid into a very light foam, by creating a’light as air’ foams otherwise known as Air . These foams can also be frozen to obtain solid foams.