Molecular Gastronomy Gourmet Food Kit

$79.97 Including GST


Look like a Master Chef and create gastronomic delights that wow all the senses with this kit. Enter a new fun era of cooking, the creative cuisine of renowned chefs at your fingertips!

This beautifully presented gourmet food kit contains the ingredients, tools and step-by-step recipes needed to make spectacular dishes.

Capture flavour and imagination with creations such as mint caviar beads that burst in the mouth, chocolate spaghetti, lemon foam or tzatziki spheres!

The kit is great value and is the perfect purchase for all entertainers and beginners.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Agar-Agar 10g
Calcium Lactate 10g
Soy Lecithin 10g
Xanthan Gum 10g
Sodium Alginate 10g


1 x Food Grade Syringe
3 x Silicone Tubes
5 x Pipettes
1 x Slotted Spoon
1 x Recipe CD