Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is it exactly that you sell?

A : There is probably a long, complicated answer to this question, but the truth is, it is all very simple. We sell everything that both the curious chef and regular foodie need to try their hand at molecular gastronomy and impress friends, family and customers, be it additives, specialized tools or recipes.

Q : What is molecular gastronomy?

A : Molecular gastronomy refers to a modern style of cooking, which takes advantage of innovations from the scientific discipline.

Q : I never tried anything like this before, and I’m not sure your products are for me.

A : Well, they are! As long as you are interested in molecular gastronomy, and are able to do a few basic things such as boiling water and using a hand blender, you shouldn’t be afraid to give our products a try. They’re safe, user-friendly, and tons of fun to use.

Q : I have heard that molecular gastronomy is all about chemicals and synthetic food. Is that true? Are molecular dishes safe?

A : Yes, molecular dishes are safe, and as for the chemicals you heard about, the truth is, they have been a part of our food and culinary traditions for centuries now, as every time you cook something, you use chemistry. Molecular gastronomy is just taking the chemistry of cooking a step further, mostly to play with textures, looks and taste. What’s more, all our additives are natural. Go take a look at our ‘Definitions’ section; you will see that there is nothing scary about this new trend, and that it is all fun and no harm.

Q : I have been looking at your kits, and I’m interested in buying, but I want to know : what exactly do the kits include?

A : Each kit includes everything your need to experiement the most popular techniques of molecular gastronomy, be it food additives, kitchen tools and step by steps recipes. All the details regarding contents and volumes included in the kits can be found in the ‘Store’ section of this website.

Q : I am interested in your products, but I don’t want to buy a whole kit. What should I do?

A : All of the additives included in the kits are also available as refills in the Store, as is our toolbox. Of course, one of the many advantages of the kits is that they include DVDs filled with great original recipes.

Q : Are there any allergens/traces of allergens in your products?

A : Unfortunately, MOLECULAR FOODS cannot guarantee that any of our additives is allergen-free.

Q : Are your products vegetarian/vegan?

A : To the very best of our knowledge (and we like to say we know our stuff), all of our products are vegetarian/vegan, except for our cold soluble gelatin. However MOLECULAR FOODS cannot provide you with any sort of guarantee on this matter. For more information about additives, go take a look at our ‘Definitions’ section.

Q : Are your products Halal/Kosher?

A : Unfortunately, MOLECULAR FOODS cannot guarantee that our products are Halal/Kosher. For more information about additives, go take a look at our ‘Definitions’ section.

Q : Do your products contain alcohol/need to be used with alcohol?

A : None of our additives contains alcohol, but our Cocktail R-EVOLUTION kit, as suggested by its name, is meant to help you make all sorts of alcoholic drinks, and even though in more than one of the recipes on the Cocktail DVD, alcoholic beverages can be replaced, well… the kit is still meant for the making of drinks, so maybe it is not for you. However, if you can not/will not consume alcohol, over 90% of the recipes on the Cuisine DVD (included with the Cuisine R-EVOLUTION kit) are alcohol-free.

Q : Where can I buy your stuff?

We don’t have a physical store, but you can purchase on our website or through one of our retailers.

Q : I don’t feel comfortable buying online. Do you have any resellers in my area?

A : There are many chain stores, bookstores and boutiques that sell our products. For suggestions of retailers in your area, please contact us by writing to Make sure that you include your city and country in your email, and tell us what product(s) you are looking for.

Q : I would like to order over the phone. Is that possible?

A : Of course. Give us a call at  (+61) 0439 456 050. Just make sure that you have your order details, credit card info and complete physical shipping address ready.

Q : I don’t have a credit card. Is there any other way to pay?

A : Payments via EFT and PayPal are available in our online store.

Q : Where do you ship to?

A: We ship anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Q : Where do you ship from?

A: We ship from Brisbane, Australia.

Q : Do you ship to PO boxes?

A: Our courier service does not ship to PO boxes, but we can use Australia Post if PO Box delivery is your preference.

Q : How much does shipping cost?

A: We have a sliding scale that depends upon the volume of the items shipped that is calculated at the online checkout (for Australia). For any questions regarding this or for quotes to ship to New Zealand just contact us at

Q : How will I know that my order has shipped?

A: You will receive notice from us that your package has been shipped.

Q : I am interested in selling your product. What should I do?

A : We are always happy to hear of potential partners. Please contact our sales department by writing to